Mariel Dyed Her Hair Purple: Splat Lusty Lavender Review

I’ve made a lot of mistakes on tour – one of the biggest was using this bubblegum pink shade of Manic Panic that refused to stick to my hair. If any of you saw me at SXSW, my hair was a weird strawberry blond that doesn’t exist in real life.

Once I got home I went to buy more Manic Panic in a different color, but I couldn’t find any stores near me selling it. I happened upon a different brand I’ve used before called Splat and picked the Lusty Lavender shade. I’ve used this brand before in blue, which fades to a pretty lavender color like in our music video. My only experience with the purple is that one time I dyed my hair at Fest on a whim and our hotel room looked like a scene from SVU (if people had purple blood). Overall, I love the lasting power of this brand but the lusty lavender in particular drips out of your hair for weeks and weeks. It will not run clean! I didn’t have this problem with the blue at all. It fades into a bright magenta then a pretty bright pink color that lasts a very very long time.

So if you want pinkish-purple hair (which is what it will be for the majority of the dye’s lifespan) I say go for it! Just dry your hair right after the shower before you put clothes on or it will be all over. This is the brightest hair due I’ve ever found, especially if your hair is blonde and not white, but it’s also the messiest.

What color would YOu dye your hair?