Magazine Takeover: Miley Cyrus

My girl Miley Cyrus has been on a number of different magazine covers throughout her career. We have seen covers from the 20-year-old’s Hannah Montana days to her now, edgy, bleached blonde, dare I say rebellious, days. It’s no secret that I love everything Miley does. I think she is always looking great no matter what. Whether she is twerking, singing with Snoop or bleaching her hair, I’m in love. I decided to take a trip down memory lane with you guys and share all of Miley’s magazine covers. She has been on so many! Some magazine’s that I would like to see her on the cover of would be Rolling Stone and Vogue. She has yet to brace us with those covers but I can only imagine how fabulous they would be! Hopefully we will see one of those covers soon. *Cough* Rolling Stone *Cough* Miley has a new CD coming out very soon! But hey, I’m just sayin’. Take a look through the gallery below and see all of the covers Miley has been on over the years!

What magazine cover of Miley’s is your fave?