Justin Bieber Wears A Chanel Face Mask With Fedora

SO Justin Bieber has been going through some sort of identity crisis lately. He has been wearing outrageous outfits, getting weirdo hair cuts and rocking strange hats & glasses. You can’t help but question his fashion choices now a days. I feel bad for the 19-year-old pop-star though. He must be under a lot of stress being on a world tour and everything, with little to no time to rest. His most recent fashion faux pas involves a Chanel face mask paired with a fedora. Yes, you heard correctly, face mask AND fedora. Justin first Instagramed himself wearing the Chanel face mask last Thursday. Monday, he stepped out of his tour-bus in Stockholm (that was recently searched for drugs) wearing the mask and the fedora together. I am really not sure what this whole look is all about or why you have to wear a face mask in the first place. We all know it is you hiding under there Justin, just sayin’.

What do you guys think of Justin’s newest look?