Great People Do Exist! ATL, Cassadee Pope And Mayday Visit Boston!

As we all know this month has been filled with heart break, fear and shock.

April 15th was the day that changed many lives all over the country and the world, it marks the day that the horrible bombings occured at the Boston Marathon. That day made us all question humanity yet again and fear that we not only can’t trust people but realize just how precious life is.

One thing I will say that always makes me feel safer, even as the bombs were going off you see people running away but you also see people running towards them to help the injured. It makes me realize that there are always people there wanting to help and sacrifice their lives for others.

Kindness exists, even in the bands we love so much. All Time Low, Mayday Parade and Cassadee Pope proved this to us last night. These amazing people went to visit a fan who was injured at the marathon since she could no longer attend the show. I am from Boston and love all of these people so this article really hit home and made my day this morning when I read it! I knew you all would enjoy this as much as I did so I had to share it with you all! (read the full article HERE!)

So the moral of this post is that, just like these bands, there are great people EVERYWHERE! There is greatness inside all of us and the power behind unity is un stoppable. Instead of fearing the unknown we need to all just embrace the kindness and kick the fear with hope.

What are your thoughts on this?