Favorite Photo Round Up & A New Favorite Assignment

Last week, at the start of All Star Month, our happy little shutterbugs were wondering just what we could do to contribute to this month’s theme. Since this month is all about our favorites, we decided to share our favorite photos.

We have a lot of talented photographers here on Buzznet and whether we are just sharing memories or showing off our skills, it was great to see which photos meant what to our friends. I had a blast reading why everyone selected their favorite images.

Make sure to drop by their pages if you haven’t already and see what they had to say about their photos. Here we go, in no particular order:

** O W8! Make sure to go to the bottom to find the new assignment! **

Dora had a plethora of photos to choose from, as she has many photos of amazing places and cute pups:

EdIsAGenius summons the power of Fall Out Boy in this favorite of his:

Annier has more photos than the Library of Congress but she managed to share with us a favorite she took of Lottie in 2003:

JJ (AKA BizarreLand) is probably nature’s best friend. Here we see her getting ready to send off one of the moth’s she raised:

Tarick is quite the creator when it comes to conceptual photography on Buzznet. His photos are always a joy of discovery:

Hilena6584 takes a candid shot of Macabee’s guitarist Hugo White at just the right time:

JaneBecameInsane manages to wrangle her majestic mew for her favorite photo:

Audrey takes some rather amazing photos of her friends and her beloved France. This is her favorite photo she took of her muse:

Haleigh Rice took this photo of her cousin Caitlin and it’s no surprise why this photo is her favorite:

Lory AKA Candl took this photo entitled Kids At Indian Lake and it is glorious:

Lory also selected a 2nd photo as a favorite and you should check it out here.

Yong Yi AKA SummerGrace took this photo which express her feelings about standing out, being alone, and staying true to herself:

Forbidden had this to say about her favorite photos in her blog – For me, (they) are valid because (they) say who I am. I see harmony, nature, trust and a safe world which makes me better and is like the best relax.”

Wasn’t that a hoot? You all that participate are awesome! Love you; mean it!

Next assignment time!

For this next All Star assignment, I need you to show me your Favorite Place. This can be an old photo or a new one. Feel free to blog, vlog, share art, or whatever else to show us your favorite place. Don’t forget to tell us why this place is your favorite and what it means to you. Easy peasy!

This will be due next Monday, the 15th of April. That’s Tax Day in Americaland. Wee! Don’t forget to drop me a note to let me know that you’ve done this. Also, tell your friends to come play!

aaaand GO!

thanks for reading!