Emma Mulholland S/S14: Spring Break Forever

Australian designer Emma Mulholland, who is becoming more and more known for her color-denched, Tumblr-friendly, pop-culture-inspired designs, recently made her solo debut at Australian fashion week. Her SS14 collection, aptly titled Spring Break, was less a reference to Harmony Korine’s latest flick than to the neo-sporty nostalgia of late 80’s/early 90’s sportswear.

Sequined killer whales! Palm trees! Eye-popping windbreakers! Colorful brush-stroke zig zags! Metallics and holographics! Oh, and did I mention neon galore? Channeling the neon-pop fashions of the late 80’s snowboarding scene and early 90’s California beach-wear, Mulholland’s catwalk was an explosion of totally radical ski n’ surf.

Which of Emma Mulholland’s Spring Break pieces are you lusting for? I need that neon sequined palm tree t-shirt!