DUB Show LA: Feat. Big Sean, Tyga, Kid Ink And Clyde Carson

Anyone else a fan of concerts and lots of amazing cars? Well if so, you will be excited about this post and gallery. I went to the DUB Show yesterday with my friend Maddie. We are both in love with cars of all kinds and these cars were done up to the extreme, one even had a FISHTANK inside of it! Like what?!

You know you’ve made it when your rims are half my height and your car costs the same as someone’s house. I also got to hang in VIP for the all of the performances. It was really cool since I am a fan of the whole lineup.

The show started at noon and the performances began at about 2:30 with Kid Ink and ended with Big Sean! It all wrapped up around 6. It was a long day filled with lots of amazing things I captured in picture form to share with all of you!

Here is a video from a previous date of the DUB show in Philly, PA but it was super similiar to what I got to experience!

What is YOUR dream car!?