DSDS 10th Season – Episode Eighteen Recap [#4 Live Show]

Even though a bit in late, here I am with the recap of DSDS episode 18 aka 4th live show.

The 7 contestants perform with a German medley on “Lila Wolken” by Materia and “Ein Stern” by Dj Oetzi.

The theme of the show is just German songs.

The hosts introduce the judges and Mateo rocks with a ginger wig in honor of Andrea Berg XD

Of course Bill and Tom are always so stunning and Dieter wears a Christian Dior suit. Wow!

Let’s go with the show and the performances.

[if you want to check the whole episode, click HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Lisa is the first. In the intro video we see the girl rehearsing + what happened in the previous show and she has Susan’s help for the correct German pronounce. Anyone knows Lisa’s origin? Probably she’s from Austria or Switzerland, because her accent is a bit different.

The song choice is “Elektrisches Gefuehl” by Juli (I love this band)

Mateo compliments with Lisa for her hairstyle but even though the performance wasn’t so bad, she can do better and it wasn’t one of her bests.

As usual when twins have to talk, stupid fans have to scream like strangled chickens -.-

Def it has to be really embarassing for Tom or for Bill trying to express a comment while a group of strangled chickens scream so loud. Please, let them doing their job for once!

Tom thinks the song choice and the performance was good.

Bill has a microphone problem so the first part of his comment isn’t recognizable 🙁 but in general he wasn’t so impressed about Lisa and the same for Dieter.

AHI AHI AHI (just for reminding Dieter haha)

Before to see the next performance, there’s a really funny video about the contestants invited by Olivia Jones in her club and they met her drag queens friends.

The funny fact is that, apart the female contestants were like a Maracaibo performance haha that it’s pretty normal, Olivia and her friends make dress up also the male: Erwin as Prince Charming and Tim as Snow White. Definitely the best hahah with beard and socks hahah THUMB UP! RESPEKT!!!

Ricardo is the second to perform.

In the intro video we see the boy coming back home and embracing his family (mom, his two lil bros, his grandma…).

His song choice is “Sie Sieht Mich Nicht” by Xaiver Naidoo.

Mateo compliments for the vibrato and for his sweet family, also Tom adds great words for Ricardo saying anything worked perfectly.

Bill: “Your family is so sweet and I really love your vocals!”

Dieter: “Awesome performance and wonderful song” and I’m agree with Dieter. Xaiver Naidoo is an amazing artist, I love his voice and Ricardo did an amazing performance!

Tim is the next one and we hope this time the performance goes fine since the last time he had few problems.

The boy performs on “Tage wie diese” by Die Toten Hosen.

Mateo: “Amazing voice” and he compliments for his voice.

Tom has few problems to understand Tim’s outfit and he expresses his doubts without fears hahah

and also Bill seems to don’t like it a lot but Dieter spens good words for Tim’s performance.

Ok, Raul is every live show more ridicolous hahah now he’s dressed up like a Tyrolese and meets Beatrice’s mom hahah that woman is totally crazy, I adore her hahaha

So we are ready to a bit of schlager? In the intro video Beatrice tries few outfits for the live show and then she says to want surprising the jury. Mmmh we all are curious.

The song choice is “Kuess mich, halt mich, liebe mich” by Ella Endlich: a lovely ballad, no schlager tonight. The atmosphere is really sweet and reflects Beatrice’s sweetness.

I really loved this performance.

Mateo finally takes out his wig XD he thinks the performance wasn’t at 100%% because something missed.

Tom compliments with her because she’s able to sing from schlager to alligalli and stuff and this time the performance was really good just with a tree.

Bill liked it even though probably it wasn’t one of her best and Dieter thinks Beatrice has this power in her eyes, with just a blick she enchants the camera and she really reflects her emotions when she’s singing.

She’s so lovely, she has that beautiful and bright smile. It’s impossible don’t love her!

Erwin is the next one.

The last time he really risked to leave the competition and also the judges didn’t support him. Who knows if this time his talent will be back?

“Engel” by Ben is the song choice.

Mh, not at all. I mean, doesn’t need to perform showing your naked chest, first because the jury is all male and then because you are there for singing and this is what Dieter will say him after the performance. He should sing, sing, sing: rehearsing his voice more than his body because once again it reminded his auditions and Recall where Erwin showed his talent and to have a great voice but it seems disappear now. Maybe because he’s fell in love?

Mateo also apologizes with Erwin but the performance wasn’t good and Tom says him: “You can do better”.

In general, once again, the judges have the same opinion about Erwin.

It’s Susan turn. After a bad performance, finally we can enjoy a real talent.

After Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and David Guetta, I’m curious to know what she’s going to sing.

In her intro video she explains that in the next show she’s going to realize one of her dream about the hairstyle. Thanks to able hairdresser, she changes few different style with amazing wig and with a blue one goes to the other contestants who are really impressed about the transformation haha cute!

“Mena” is the song choice.

Mateo before to express his opinion tries to imitate her haha so cool man!!!

As usual, he spends amazing words for her. “Awesome performance” he says “I hope you and Ricardo go in final” yeah I’m agree. They are amazing.

Tom is always impressed after Susan’s performances and he’s almost speechless and he doesn’t find the right words for describe her, he just can say: “BRAVO!” and compliments with the woman.

Tonight Susan really rocks and not only for her talent but also for the outfits. That pair of shoes is awesome and Susan quotes Bill saying he’s able to wear them.

Bill immediately compliments for the outfit and for the whole performance and Dieter too, having a question for Bill about the shoes because you have to be really athletic for walk in these shoes haha you are too old Dieter for that shoes XD

Before the last performance, Raul asks Erwin how he feels after his performance and the boy appears sad, well you just have to focus on what you have to do, it’s not difficult, man!

By the way, Simone is the last one to perform.

In the intro video, we see his lovely mommy bringing him a huge Easter egg and a typical Italian Easter dessert called “colomba” aka “dove” because it has the shape of a dove, typical Easter symbol, peace’s symbol.

“My mom is all for me. I wouldn’t be nobody without her” Simone says.

The song choice is “Bilder von dir” by Laith Al-Deen. [it’s amazing, I love it]

Mateo tells him that few parts weren’t perfect but he did a good performance and he hopes the boy goes in final with Ricardo and Susan.

Also the other judges spend good words about him saying he sung well even though Dieter wants Simone looses a little bit more on stage.

Before to know who has to leave the show, Alexander Klaws, the very first DSDS winner performs with his new single.


Waiting for the envelope with the results, the judges express their thoughts.

Mateo thinks Ricardo and Susan deserve the final and for him Erwin is out.

Also Tom thinks Erwin has to leave and Bill adds Tim’s name, while Dieter thinks Simone has to leave.

While Nazan and Raul reveal who’s going through the next live show, Bill and Dieter start to laugh because Tim and Erwin passed so Bill, Tom and Mateo’s forecasts aren’t right HAHAHAHA

Unfortunately Simone has to leave. I’m so sorry!

I hoped for Lisa or Erwin, definitely Erwin has to leave. He can’t be compared to Susan or Ricardo.


What do you think about Simone’s elimination?

Which is your favorite performance/moment of the show?