The Definitive Proof That Amanda Bynes HAS To Be Messing With Us

If you’re like me, then you have been following this Amanda Bynes madness day by day. We’ve all speculated. Drugs? Psychosis? An elaborate Joaqin Phoenix style hoax? As of yesterday when she tweeted this INSANE video, I’m thinking the last one.

“I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D” read the caption for this puzzling video. What the actual hell is going on here? Not since the days of Britney and the umbrella have we seen this level of crazy on display.

Girl also posted some more of our favorite baffling photos:

*BONUS* She reiterated her love for DRAKE:

Are you on board with me thinking this is a master prank? Or do you think we should seriously be concerned?