Dani’s Dear Coachella Diary: Day 1

Dear Coachella Diary Day 1,

I’ve seen a lot more than I can comprehend oupon walking in I saw the camp grounds, where I immediately made a plan to do that next year with a ton of my friends.

Then after going through the gates and walking onto the field where I saw a ton of happy people running around, Passion Pit started to play “Take a Walk” and it felt like I pressed play when my dirty dusty feet hit the grass. Everyone started running and jumping with their arms in the air yelling “I took a walk take a walk take a walk ooooooaaoo”

It was so incredible and probably something I won’t forget. The sun was beating on my chest and shoulders and felt so good, everyone was walking around giving each other compliments smiling and enjoying the atmosphere.

A bunch of my friends are here this weekend as well! The cell service blows so it was hard to try and find people but I ran into a dance friend Michelle Dawley who is dancing for Selena Gomez. We did some cartwheels during Modest Mouse.

Then after texting all night and draining my battery I found Cassie Sherbo!! She had on the cutest outfit! We all walked over to catch the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and we came to a conclusion that the singer looked like Donatella Versace and Betsey Johnson had a baby. We called it an early night and now are going to bed to take on tomorrow! Stay Tuned

P.S- My allergies ARE AWFUL. Thanks Claritin for the help.