Dani’s Dear Coachella Diary Day Three

Coachella Final Day 3.

Today was a little harder to wake up. I feel like my insides are filled with dust and grass. I’ve been eating more pizza than I can imagine this weekend and I’m starting to feel the past two days and wish I had brought my comfy Nike tennis shoes lol.

We went and jammed to some hipster music this morning at the pool again sporting our Boohoo wear (I could live in those pants I was wearing) A cool part of the day was when we brought our new Sony Action Camera to where? THE POOL! To do what? SWIM WITH IT! Yes, I said swim with a camera. It was so sweet being able to take it under water and jump in with me. I’ll post them soon!

After our marathon camera swim, we were moving a little more sluggish today than usual lol. I decided to wear a fringe skirt I got from Forever 21 recently and a cool unique leopard bathing suit I got form Victoria Secret! Layering a ton of jewelry from Brandy Mellville and Target. When we got to the fields, I met up even more dancer friends from LA today. Then Kate & I went and took some pictures with the hovering festival balloons and stuff before the sun went down.

We got to jam out and have an even better dance party today to Vampire Weekend. It got serious. Videos to follow. Then immediately to ran over to WUTANG!! They were sooo good! We then trekked back to the main stage to get a good spot to watch Red Hot Chilli Peppers! After falling on countless numbers of people’s laps and appendages, we made it to a clear area. The second song was Dani California. It is my anthem. It was my very first and only Myspace song for FOREVER. I somehow still feel as if Anthony Kiedis wrote that song for me. I jumped, danced and laid on the ground again. Taking it all in around me. It was the last band of the weekend.

I ran a total recap of what I had experienced the past couple days. I began to think about all my worries in life and how they meant nothing to me this weekend. Time didn’t exist. I want to try and live like that in my weeks to come. Not worry about what the next day, hours or minutes will bring. I want to live more in the moment and appreciate what is in front of me. I am 22. There is so much more time for worrying. I have such a full life to live and It’s up to me how it goes. Worrying about my future is only going to hinder me from living to the fullest now, which will hinder the outcome of my future.

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Stay tuned for a full photo gallery + the Sony Action Cam videos 🙂

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