All Star Outfits: A What We’re Wearing Retrospective

Are we having a happy All Star Month, y’all? I know I am having a hoot! Finding out what you love makes me feel like we are pair bonding across space and tiems, and that is like, all I have ever really wanted.

When I think about all of my special little snowflakes (you), I can’t help but think of how you all express yourselves through your fashion sense. You all post some rather amaze + ing ensembs in the What Are You Wearing? Group and omg if I left you out, I didn’t mean to. It’s just that my carpel tunnel was acting up and my hand was all LOL NO STAHP. If I missed YOUR fave Outfit Of The Day, let me know so I can add you!

You all shine bright like a diamond, even though we all know that diamonds don’t shine – they reflect. On the catwalk of life, you all are my supermodels so Shantay, you stay!