Who Convinced Nick Jonas To Dance In The ‘Pom Poms’ Video?!

Let me start by saying I heart the Jonas Brothers! I most definitely rocked out to “Burnin’ Up” in my car, saw them put on a crazy sold-out stadium show at the height of their fame, and I have watched more than a couple episodes of Married To Jonas. Disney Boy Band stardom often has a short shelf life, so I was really rooting for the JoBros to come back in a big way this year because they’re quite talented and mega adorable. Then I watched the music video for “Pom Poms” and was all…

First off, what are your Pom Poms? They tell you to put your Pom Poms on them, so I sort of hope it’s a literal expression like.. ‘hayyy cheerleader please place your plastic poms on me’ because that’s kind of sort of funny. If it’s a pair of boobies or worse your buns this song is just confusing on too many levels.

To add insult to injury about 2:15 into the video the now head-shaven tiniest JoBro decides to bust out some choreography.

I mean… for real? The giddy-up cowboy?

Maybe it’s cuter in black and white?

Nope. Nope it is not.

I suppose I should give little Nicky and the JoBro camp some props for trying to reboot their image and be hip and with it.

But, in my opinion it fell very short.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the album is pop gold and they’ll give One Direction a run for their money, but my expectations are rather low to say the least.

What do you think of the “Pom Poms” video?