Coachella Photo Diary: Party Edition

Happy Monday Folks!

I am feeling tanner, tired and excited all at the same time about this past weekend. I got the pleasure of going to Palm Springs with a bunch of friends to take part in the Coachella 2013 parties. I have never been to actual Coachella but have always heard the parties are SO MUCH FUN! Everyone was right… I HAD A BLASTY BLAST!

This year thanks to working at SPIN Media I was extra excited to attend our SPIN House party..which ruled! I also went to the G-pen party, the GUESS party, the Chevy Volt party and the Hard Rock party!

The trip was filled with lots of fun, fashion, flowers, pools, drinks, gifts and I even got to see Chanel West Coast perform which was un expected…she’s so adorable.

So here is a gallery of just a teeny bit of the fun I could personally capture on camera and some fun ones I found online!

What Coachella party would YOU want to go to?