Buzznet Photo Assignment: Your Favorite Photo

Greetings my little shutter bugs! How does the day find you? I hope that all is well in your respective lands and that the grip of winter is soon to be loosened so that spring may be set free to run amuck. I long for the days of high pollen counts and endless hours of sneezing into my hankie. WBY?

Bless you, Mamma

Since this month’s theme is All Star Month, I wanted to find out what your (YES YOU) favorite photo was. I also want to know why it’s your favorite photo. What does it mean to you?

Love you, mean it!


Whatever you share must be yours OR ELSE.

It can be a photo or any other work of art that you created. You have free reign to decide what that all means, egg-zactly.

Tell us why it is your favorite.

Let me know that you did this by dropping me a note so I can include you in the round up which is due on:

8 April 2013

In the mean time,

Don’t worry, pumpkins. We will have more things to take photos of as the month progress. I will announce the next assignment on Tuesday the 9th. Are you ready for party times? Answer: YES

Aaaaaand GO!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Tell me down yonder! Kisses!