Buzznet Breakdown April 14

It has been another fun filled week here at Buzznet! Now it’s time for us to share our top 10 posts for the week. Enjoy!

10. BUZZNET Presents: The Summer Set ‘Legendary’ Series

The Summer Set is about to release their third full-length album, but from what the band has told us this album is their best work yet. You are going to have to watch our vids to find out what this album is all about!

9. The Best Things That Could Possibly Happen At The MTV Movie Awards

ANYTHING could happen at the MTV Movie Awards we are just hoping all of this does….

8. Dream Catcher Tattoos

It’s no secret how much we love tattoos here at Buzznet. These dream catcher tattoos are beautiful.

7. AWWHHStar Month: The Most Adorable Hedgehogs

These are the cutest EVER. Enough said…see more of these cuties here!

6. Paramore’s “Still Into You” Performance On Jimmy Kimmel Was Killer!

This performance ruled!

5. National Sibling Day!

Brandi Cyrus shared some of her fave sibling pics with us! See more here!

4. Favorite MTV Movie Award Performances

So many fun performances always happen at the MTV Movie Awards. Did your fave performance make our list?

3. Would You Ever Get A Band Tattoo?

This struck up a lot of convo this week! So, would YOU ever get a band tattoo? Tell us here!

2. My 10 Favorite Lyrics From Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock And Roll

What is YOUR fave lyric from this album?

1. 5 Reasons To Love Paramore’s New Album

This album coming out was the highlight of our week! We are longtime Paramore supporters <3