Buzznet All Star TV Show: Supernatural

I don’t know when it started but it did and I am not even looking back. What exactly do I mean by this? Well, let me to explain what we are going to talk about with a handy visual:

Let me share with you my Supernatual timeline:

  • When this show first came out, me and my sister lived together. We watched a few episodes and we were all LOL these guys need some hot tea because they are some hotties.
  • Anyway, after Season 1, I was out running the streets and stopped watching. FOR SHAME. But then my sister was all IT GOT WEIRD so we were all whatever about it.
  • Many years later, I went to Comic Con and the Winchester Brothers were at this panel but I wasn’t there to see them. I think I was there to like, IDK wait for the Eureka panel and my husbear Colin Ferguson or something. Anyway, Jared and Jensen were all handsome and I was all GOOD LORD.
  • Meanwhile, on Buzznet, Jane was always like, OMG SUPERNATURAL U GUISE and gifs were everywhere.
  • One weekend, my BFF was all sending me gifs of Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchesty) and was all OMGLOB SEW HAUTE and I was all UR LAME SETTLE DOWN and then we started to watch the show together but like from far away because he lives somewhere stupid.
  • And then I watched everything up to Season GR8 in like, maybe 2.5 weeks and I was all

It all started with this gif for me and the bestie:

And thus it began, my love afair with the Winchester Brothers. Oh and then like, Castiel and then omg Destiel and then Felicia Day shows up and everyone hates Dick Roman and Bobby omg Bobby U GUISE I CREY and like so much stuff happens that I can’t.

~ Bestill my beating heart ~

So what it is about Supernatural that makes me all ~nothing else matters~ ???? IDEK but maybe it’s stuff like this:

Supernatural has a crazy fandom. They make lovely things like this and that’s part of fun. Also look at that face. LOOK AT IT.

Oh but then there’s that weird part of the fandom that ships Dean and Sam and it’s kind of funny but also

I wrote about it one time in this blog here.

This show is full of like, magic and dudes crying and pretty much everyone dies and comes back and dies again and goes on vacay in hell and now we can talk about how I am in love with Castiel:


So mostly Cas is this angel and he’s kind of naive to a lot of stuff and hilarity ensues. Also, Dean and Cas are like, really close and everyone (even me) ships them even though I am sekrets jealous of them being all ~perf~ and beautiful together.

Oh and Bobby is a bad ass:

Mostly Bobby is a giant reference book for the brothers as they are out on the road and he is a major bad ass. But then things happen and I can’t cuz I’ll start crying.

Anyway, if anything crazy starts happening, just remember:

Oh and you can always banish stuff to far away by using some blood:

They can’t sit with us

And there are lots of angelic scripts to help protect you from the all seeing eyes of w/e

And how could I just now be getting to this:

This is the Impala. It’s how Dean and Sam get around and usually Dean listens to weird stuff like AC/DC or Eye of the Tiger and stuff. One time, when Dean was MIA, Sam refurbished the Impala and shit got weird and NO.

Oh and I have to talk about my favorite:

Becky Rosen-Winchester – She is my spirit animal. Becky is this crazy fangirl and well, she’s a special snowflake and I love her.

O Becks you so cray cray

You know how like, when you are looking at a tree in the forest, you are only looking at like, maybe 20 percent of it and the rest of it is all like, in the dirt or w/e? Well, that’s how I feel about this blog. You are reading (assuming you made it this far) at maybe .00005 percent of this show. There is so much more but since I am lazy:

You all should go and watch this lovely show and stuff. You will not regret it. It is a good time and like, you can come back and talk to us + post your fave gifs. That’s all I have for you.

Happy Hunting!

<3, Richard Flores-Winchester

Why do you love Supernatural?