Brandi’s Top 5 Healthy Hair Secrets!

Well I guess they aren’t so secret anymore, but I had to share this with you guys. I’m such a sucker for products. Skin care, hair, makeup: you name it and I’ve got so much of it in my bathroom. My mom literally makes fun of me every time she comes over. I will say I’m especially a FREAK about my hair! Probably because when I was 20 or so I thought it would be really cool to go platinum blonde, and even though it looked AMAZING for about 2 weeks, it then started to break off. BAD. I was seriously devastated. It took me about two years to grow my hair back out the way I wanted it. It was brutal to have to be so patient with it, but now my hair is long and so healthy!!! All thanks to a few great products that I still use and MUST HAVE! Oh and also a little patience. 🙂

1. Number one without hesitation is the spray leave in conditioner from It’s A 10. Seriously I refuse to wash my hair unless I have it! I swear it really does all 10 of these things it says it does! Amazing product for all hair types!

2. Everyone should do a hair mask once every couple of weeks! If you’ve never given it a shot, I highly suggest you try this and just feel the difference in your hair! It’s by Ojon and it’s their Restorative Hair Mask. It looks gooey and gross but if you put this on before you go to bed, sleep in it and then wash your hair the next morning, you’ll die at how soft your hair is!

3. Dry shampoo is all the rage now. I’m not bragging or anything, but I’ve literally been on the dry shampoo kick since high school. 😉 As nice as it is to not have an excuse not to wash your hair, it’s actually much better for your hair to not shampoo every day. I know the sprays are super convenient, but i=I’m a huge fan of the actual powder products. All of the alcohol in the sprays make my hair feel gross, but the powder soaks up all of the oil on my roots and gives me tons of body that i desperately need with my fine hair. Stila makes one that smells AMAZING! must must have it.

4. Sun protection is so important and I love how everyone is getting more SPF concious. Did you know that it’s just as important to protect your hair and scalp as your skin?? WELL IT IS! This beachy spray by ‘B The Product‘ is called Sun Out and not only does it have the UVA/UVB filters and all that, it also smels aaaaamazing and gives you a hair a great texture.

5. Last but not at ALL least, I swear to you that I took these vitamins every day like my life depended on it, and I really did notice a huge difference in the health of my hair once I was consistently taking them. It’s been something crazy like three years now that I’ve kept it up, and there is no doubt that it pays off. There are all these crazy expensive hair vitamins on the market, but this one by Nature’s Bounty is like 11 bucks from Ralphs grocery and is just as good as the rest!

Try out these products and then tell me how much you LOVE them! 🙂