The Boys Of Honor Society Need Your Help!

The very talented boys of Honor Society are on a quest, a quest for “Overnight Success.”

I am sure you’re thinking…”Well what do you mean Brittany they have been working SO hard already…tell me more?!”

Welp, thanks to the lovely website Kickstarter, the boys have set up an account to get funded by all of YOU to create a documentarty of all documentaries! Overnight Success* is “a film revealing the past, present and future of the band Honor Society.”

These boys have been working hard from day 1, were found by and toured with The Jonas Brothers, toured on their own for two years and this is their next chapter.

“We are asking for your support to make this film happen. We know our fan base always has our back, but this story is bigger than all of us, so we hope that people who have never heard of us will also join in! It is a real look at what a band goes through to get to that first moment that the world embraces. It is the countless hours of hard work and dedication, the blood, sweat and tears, the successes and failures… it is the Overnight Success*”

Here is the video describing this whole project… check out their kickstarter and DONATE HERE!

So what do you think of all of this, are you excited? Do you plan to donate?