Ashlee Holmes Hosts Rock Now For Autism (VIDEO)

Hey all! So, a few days ago I had the honor of hosting a benefit concert. In honor of Autism Awareness Action month, I went to Generation Rescue headquarters and met the AMAZING Zack Peter. Some of you may already know him from his website. Zack is such and inspiring, accomplished young man. He is soooo funny, and just such a sweetheart. Everyone who works there are just complete sweethearts to be honest. They’re all so fun and generous.

Anyway, Zack had reached out to me about hosting the event. I was so excited because I had never REALLY done anything like that before. I always love new experiences, but I was especially drawn to this one seeing as that it was for such a great cause that means so much to me.

The concept of the event was an accoustic concert benefitting the organization Generation Rescue. To learn more about Generation Rescue, check out this INCREDIBLE video here.

I was so excited to be a part of such an awesome event. Some of the performers included Rozzi Crane, Devyn DeLoera, Charlie Rey & Ry Romero. They were all just so amazing. I basically forced Rozzi into being my new bff. So… that happened haha I’m such a creep.

Check out a quick video summary of my night in the video below made by Zack Peter himself –even thought my skin looks horrid and my face looks bloated. LOL Not a great day for me in the looks department. Eh.. oh well. Not important. ANYWAYYY… don’t forget to also check out the photos as well.

Do you know anyone that has been effected by Autism?

Leave me comments! xx