Animals Giving Us High Fives For Our Favorite Places

Greetings Buzznet! Maybe last week’s assignment was a little difficult, as there were not that many entries in this Photo Assignment Party. That’s okay though. The next one is going to be awesome and you’re going to love it. Since today is National High Five Day, the people that played this round weill be getting internet High Five Times and you get none.

Jane, Queen of Bed Marrying:

For Jane, we have this awesome High Five:

Le Miau!



Next up, we have the magical world that Forbidden has created for us:

Go check out her blog here – Yay Blog! It’s got really pretty words and drawings 🙂

For you, Forbidden, here is this epic high five:



Next up, we have Lausai, who takes us to a magic, far away land:

Lausai’s blog is full of really neat places, so go and peep it HERE.

A mighty High 5 por vous:

oh and


Next up, we Haleigh Rich:

Home is where all the good stuff is 😀

For u:


You rock!

Next up, is a hometown favorite, Yong Yi!

What a beautiful place! Go read her entry here.

For you,


Now it’s my turn! Yay!

I am like Jane, so mostly I like my bed and hanging with my dog Moo:

Now, it is up to you to give me High Fives or I will be sad. Post your favorite High Five gifs or pics below. Go!

High Five this blog!