ALL STAR MONTH: ForbiddenLand

All Stars Month is for me new way to check out who I am, what really I love and where I go with my life. I think that assignments make Buzznet valuable place because we can to know more about family which we building.

But what I love??

Artists…. art it something the best around us. We can’t live without art. When I’m sad the art is my escape to safe places in my mind. But today I want to share with you my favorites artists. They aren’t like everyone, their soul, heart and talents are so special and unforgettable.

“Let’s start a movement of love and creativity Let’s start a movement of being all that we can be Let’s start a movement the world can not ignore to see Unlimited power, unlimited divinity Let’s start a revolution Let’s start a revolution It’s time for evolution I know I’m not alone Let’s start a revolution Let’s start a revolution Let’s start a revolution And screw the ones we don’t” Kerli- “Yes, I can”

I think that you know Kerli because she’s lovely Buzzmaker. The first time I heard her “Not A Barbie Doll” in January 2009 and totally I was in love in this song, and still I’m.

Kerli has unique voice, she writes fabulous songs, e.g. co-wrote hit Demi Lovato, “Skyscraper”. I love how she sees the world and I have so big respect to Kerli’s hard work. She creates an amazing outfits, make up or bubble goth( style). Also she is so lovely persons and she has great contact with fans.

“Iye Iye Iye ya Do not be afraid to cry Iye Iye Iye ya Soon the tears will surely dry Iye Iye Iye ya-ah You have wings, and you can fly Iye Iye Iye ya-ah There’s no limit to your sky”Kellee Maize- “Trapped”

Kellee Maize is incredible female rapper from USA. Her music has soul, what’s not too easy in today’s world.Every word brings something new. You can see yourself in best place where love, happiness will around you and will help you choice what’s really should to counting for us. And the perfect sounds just support it.

Outcast Youth it rapper from Liverpool in UK.

Music creates by Outcast Youth is true and the world needs these sounds and words.Young or oldest persons can to find part of their own life there. Hope, light, support, happiness flow from these sounds and this is reason why I love it.

I read many books but I love the most “The Sorrows Of Young Werther” by Goethe. From high school this book is my habit and also my art, called “neo weltschmerz” is inspired by this book. This mix my feelings which sometimes are similar to the Wether’s person and how I see today’s world. You know this is about fragile and suffer in this world.

The next book it “Gossip Girl” by Cecily von Ziegesar, because always made me smile. I hope that in future I’ll can to see in New York places from this book because I love more NY.

The last one is “Wintergirls” by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book is about hard theme, eating disorders. “Wintergirls” aren’t easy book to the read but showed me good side this world.

I’m not fan of the movies but “Suicide Room” is for me so special movie because says about it how complicated can be life. But always we have to try that find the hope and be strong.

The stuffs which I love it crayons and teddy bears. I know it’s weird that I’m 23 and I love it but I don’t care what the people say. The crayons and teddy bears are just the key to my safety and happiness.

I love art. I think that creating art is my life goal because by art I want to help the people, I want to support everyone who needs and spreading love, hope and light in today’s world. I love draw or write poems/ stories. When I do it, I feel free and I’m over everything around me. I’m over the pain and suffer.