All Star Cartoons That Made My Childhood

For my first All Star Month post I decided to take it back to my childhood days. I can remember waking up, having breakfast and watching my favorite cartoons on the couch all day. These were the days I tell you. Cartoons today are not like they used to be. I still find myself watching Rugrats on Netflix from time to time, anyone else? Here are my all star cartoons that seriously made my childhood:

I have to start this off with Doug. This show completed me. Porkchop was the best cartoon dog EVER.

If only real life recess was as cool as the show.

I literally can remember every single Rugrats episode still to this day. Reptar On Ice anyone?

And it really doesn’t get much better than The Proud Family. “It’s a family thing. A family. Proud, Proud family.”

PEPPER ANN. Please some one else remember this greatness.

I may or may not be the only one who watched this but, As Told By Ginger. This was so classic. Many life lessons were learned from this show I’m sure.

And finally, ending this magical trip down memory lane with Rocket Power. The things I would do for this to be on TV again. I wanted nothing more than to be friends with this crew. Woogidy woogidy woogidy.

These cartoons were seriouslythe best! Do you agree?

Did I miss any of your favorite childhood cartoons? Comment and let me know 🙂