Adam Levine On Nylon Guys May Cover

Adam Levine is everywhere. You’ll hear him on the radio, see him on the TV, and soon on film! His his solo career has become increasingly impressive and I love seeing him in magazines.

In an interview for the May issue of Nylon Magazine, the 34 year-old singer revealed that he’s always ready to receive different types of challenges in life.

On his busy life and success: “It’s a lot. But it might not be a lot someday. I don’t like to complain. You have this moment. It doesn’t last forever. You should probably try and enjoy it.”

On dating and marriage: “I’m doing pretty well. If you don’t get married, you can’t get divorced. Why couldn’t we learn from the devastatingly low percentage of successful marriages that our last generation went through?”

On reports that Shakire is making twice his salary on The Voice: “She’s Shakira dude! She’s a fucking international superstar! I don’t care. It’s just money.”

On Dealing with the paparazzi: “The more you make them look like f*cking idiots, the better you are. It’s like intellectual warfare. Just don’t say anything.”