Acoustic Spotlight: Julia Martin Covers Pierce The Veil’s “King For A Day”

Hi Buzzies!!

As you saw a few weeks ago I did an Emerging Talent post on my extremely talented cousin Julia Martin!

It got such a good response on here and in general that I asked her to make another song and she chose a song called “King For A Day” from Pierce The Veil which usually features Kellin Quinn too! I of course loved it but had NO IDEA how many great things would come from it.

People loved this song so much she had a producer reach out to her and a TON of friends of mine in the industry compliment her on it.

This girl may only be 17 but she seriously inspires me more than most people I have met in my whole lifetime. I wanted to share this song with you all because I hope that it can inspire all of you to do what you love.

So there it is…what do YOU think of it?