So it’s been six years since I joined Buzznet. I had come to Buzznet to look at photos of the band AFI at the start of the new year 2007. I received my first computer for Christmas 2006 and having never used a computer in my life it took me a week to even sit down in front of it. Finally one day I did and actually changed the desktop screen and that was the beginning of my journey.

Once I got on the internet the first thing I looked up was AFI and it brought me first to their old website. Seeing some photos on there brought me to Buzznet, there were many people on here who posted photos of them. For over 4 months I just trolled around on here looking at photos and then that day in April I decided to join. My first friend was SEB he was so nice to me welcoming me to this amazing place. After that more people came to welcome me most of those people have left to go to other community sites.

I never thought I would have become a part of a big Buzznet family but everyone here is the BEST !!!

DR.MOJO was my first little friend who I brought on here. He had a busy life doing some crazy things even going to london to find Spanky the Monkey. But of course he needed a girlfriend to calm down his busy lifestyle. So Kassady found him a girlfriend FLOJO in London and put her on a plane to come here to America to be with him. They are very happy together to this day 😀

Now the next to join me at Bizarreland was TINY MR.POTATO HEAD and he led a quiet life well except for some crazy adventures. But then his brother PETER came to live here with TMPH and all Hell broke loose !! They seem to love living the dangerous life and have had a few close calls but they are happy potatoes and love living here 😀

STICKMAN has been here for many years and he loves to dress up for the camera. I think he has a little bit of Transvestite in him !!! Some day those photos will leak out into the media and he will be Exposed 😀

Last but not least JACK stuck his hand out there right before the photo was taken, there always has to be someone late for the PARTY 😀

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