5 Reasons To Love Paramore’s New Album

A few weeks ago I shared why I was anxious to have Paramore’s new self-titled album in my hands – and it turns out I was anxious for all the right reasons. Now that I have given the album my full attention I can honestly say I didn’t realize they had this in them. I don’t mean that I doubted they could make such an amazing album; it’s just Paramore is not what I expected in the best ways possible. So to play off of the 5 reasons why I was anxious for the album – here are 5 reasons why I love it! (And trust me, I could keep the list going.) #musicrules.

1. Justin Meldal-Johnsen involvement — and ALL THE SOUNDS he brought along with him.

From the first few moments of the record you can hear JMJ’s electronic/ambient influence– and I love it. There are just so many sounds on this record if you sit down and really listen to it. His presence in the process of making this album seems to have inspired the band to break out of their traditional Paramore ways and explore ideas they would have otherwise tossed aside.

“Fast In My Car” is a great way to wake your ears right up with classic drumming paired with electronic laser effects. JMJ’s influence also seems to have had an impact on Hayley Williams’ vocal styling. On “Fast In My Car” she has Cyndi Lauper/ Karen O moments, and I love it! The song “Grow Up” has the same impact with a ska/pop influence that has given Hayley’s voice a new quality.

I also enjoyed the opening to “Part II” with its Radiohead-esque moments and layered guitar riffs. JMJ influenced a change for Paramore’s sound, and in the best way.

2. The album IS Paramore.

Sure things have changed and with good reason. The sound of the album is different than anything we’ve ever heard from the band before. There are moments of fun love songs that make you want to smile, there are moment of bitter honest frustration and pain in growing up and loss– and there are inspirational moments that make you want to go out and rule the world. This album is more diverse than anything they have ever released and if you are new to the Paramore family, this new LP is a great way to get to know Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis.

They even wrote a sequel to “Let The Flames Begin” with the song “Part II.” The track pays homage to the RIOT! fan favorite and showcases why Ilan Rubin is one of the best drummers ever. Really he is incredible.

The honesty of this album rings true and it introduces fans to Paramore in 2013.

“Hi, nice to meet you Paramore.”

3. The Album track-listing.

Yep this album is a 4 side LP, a very ambitious feat for Paramore at such a turning point in their careers. I had initially been intrigued by the title of the songs, but a after listening a few times, I love how well the album tells a story. In the live MTV interview yesterday Hayley revealed Taylor was in charge of organzing the track-listing and he did a fantastic job. I also really love the touch of the sassy interludes.

4. Taylor York’s elevated involvement in writing process.

I knew Taylor was going give this album a new point of view, and it all lies in tracks like “Ain’t It Fun” and the album’s closing song “Future.” These two songs both have very different sounds but have Taylor’s influence all over them. The Paramore member with the most eclectic music diet stretched the length of Paramore’s reach and diversified their sound. Love it.

5. The song “Last Hope.”

For me, this song is exactly why I have loved Paramore for so many years.

I may not know Hayley Williams (heck I have only ever shook her hand once and said, “HI!”) but when I heard “Last Hope” it was as if she had read my mind and put all of my anxious and later epiphany moments into a lovely song. I could write an entire essay on this one song in particular, but I will simply say Hayley’s honesty in her lyrics has made me feel normal. This song made me feel like being a 20-something is all about ups and downs – but pulling yourself out of those moments is what tests your strength. The song tells a similar story I have been experiencing for the past three years and the realization I had a few months back.

The album is filled with these kinds of moments but I really responded to “Last Hope.” So thank you Paramore.

Honestly overall Paramore will please fans who are anxious to see growth in their favorite band and will also attract new fans with songs like “Ain’t It Fun “, “Poof”, “Still Into You” and “Fast In My Car.” I absolutly love everything about it. The album was worth the wait. Paramore is in stores now.

It’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going…

What do you think of ‘Paramore’?

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