5 Reasons To Love LIGHTS’ ‘Siberia Acoustics’

LIGHTS has a new acoustic album out tomorrow — and she nailed it. For Siberia Acoutic, LIGHTS has taken 10 of the songs off of her 2011 release Siberia and reworked them into versions you can now sing around a campfire with friends. While the songs have been reworked they’re still recognizable; they just had a new soft side. It’s a refreshing change of pace to hear her amazing voice without all of the synithizers and electronics. #musicrules.

You can stream the new album today here and check out five reasons below why you will love Siberia Acoustic. And be sure to pick up your copy tomorrow April 30th!

For more on LIGHTS’ new album, check out ‘Making of Siberia Acoustic’ video on PureVolume.

1.LIGHTS stripped down is so beautiful.

She is honestly one of the best voices live and she sings with a lot of power against her big sound. However, on this new album we hear LIGHTS’ soft and tender side and it’s just lovely.

2. Max Kerman of Arkells collaboration on “Siberia.”

I was already a HUGE fan of the collaboration LIGHTS did with Arkells’ “ Book Club” — and this is another knock out of the park. I love that it was done on a piano and hearing their voices meld together and when they throw lines back and forth.

3. “Peace Sign” featuring Cour de Piarte.

I mean we get a French lesson with this collaboration folks! The exchange of English to Frech is a nice twist on the song and is très cute!

4. “Flux and Flow” acoustic.

This song in particular off of Siberia I was anxious to hear because the original version had a strong electronic influence and vocally it’s tough. Well, she did a beautiful job with the acoustic version and I think it’s my favorite new version on this LP. Also the guitar work is beautifully sublet.

5. “I’m a sucker for anything acoustic.”

Really, I am. I love when songs are taken in a new direction. The fact that she took an entire album I love and made an acoustic version just proves LIGHTS gets it, and I love her for it.

Are you going to check out the new record?

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