5 Reasons To Buy The Neighbourhood’s I Love You.

By now I’m sure you’re all aware that our newest obession at Buzznet, (besides The 1975) The Neighbourhood, have released their debut album, I Love You., this week. If you’re thinking about your weekend plans, I’m sure music is included somewhere in there so let me make it easier for you: before you do anything this weekend, BUY THIS ALBUM! Here are five reasons why:

1. We all have friends with different musical tastes. Some love rock, some love hip hop. Some even love both. I Love You. mixes both beautifully and you’ll even gain bonus points for turning your friends on to a new band.

2. If you’re down in the dumps, like me lately, you’ll be able to relate to the lyrics. Soul. Crushingly. Amazing. It’s like Jesse Rutherford read my diary…

3. If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan, you’ll hear some familiar eerie sounds in the background of some songs. I can’t quite describe it in words but you’ll know what I mean. Duet please?

4. It’s Buzznet approved! You trust us, right? Read Kelley Fox‘s album review here.

5. It’s perfect driving music. I don’t drive, as I live in New York City (and it’s residents would be in danger if I did) but if I did own a car, this is the album I would be playing all summer.

6. BONUS REASON: According to my sources, first week’s album sales are very crucial. By buying the album during the first week (Tuesday-Monday) you’ll be contributing to first week’s sales history. Pat yourself on the back. Of course though, in my humble opinion, album sales mean nothing unless it touches your heart in some way but musicians need to make a living too. 😉

So there you have it. Six perfectly good reasons why you should spend $10 (or less, depending on where you buy music) on The Neighbourhood’s I Love You. You really have no excuse now. Even if you don’t buy it and you took the time to consider it by reading this, then..I love you. If you bought a physical copy, then I love you even more. 😉

Have you bought The Neighbourhood’s album yet?

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