My 2007-2013 Style Evolution

This week on Buzznet I looked through Audrey Kitching‘s amazing Style Evolution, and even though she looks so pretty in every single one of her photos, I had to chuckle at a few. I have totally had those moments where I feel like I looked SOOOOOO awesome and am such a trendsetter and now looking back, perhaps, all of those outfits were a GIANT mistake. Even more than just the outfits is MY HAIR. PEOPLE, what was happening? Why didn’t any of you tell me that I looked totally insane and that all my hair was breaking off!!! Do not even get me started on my eyebrows.

Anyways, take a peak, and I think you will have a laugh. xx

P.S. Super bonus points if you post one really crazy photo from 2007 of YOU in my comments!!!!!