Youtube Evolution Of: Kellin Quinn

Music Pals,

As I have mentioned before in a previous post, I had the pleasure of getting to not only tour with but become great friends with an incredible band that go by the name of Sleeping With Sirens. I am SO beyond proud of each and every one of them of course, but today I am focusing on the singer, Kellin Quinn. If you did not know, Kellin has been creating beautiful music LONG before SWS and today I will be sharing that with you all through video..ENJOY!

This is an older song Kellin did back in the day with his solo stuff…

Moving on to 2008 here…not only can Kellin belt out a lovely tune, he can even beatbox. One talent I hope to someday acquire.

Ah… a personal favorite for many reasons…A cover of The Goo Goo Dolls song called “Iris”. This video also has your fave ginger in it, Jesse Lawson!

To switch it up a bit, here is a VERY FUNNY recent “backstage” video Kellin and the boys did with Flippen Music!

So…What are your thoughts on Kellin Quinn? Are you a Sleeping With Sirens fan?!