YouTube Evolution Of: Justin Bieber

Hey My Lovely Buzzies,

So as you all know Youtube is not only a place for YOU to “broadcast yourself”, it is a place to watch music videos, behind the scenes footage…there is just too much to list. I personally LOVE music videos, even though MTV seems to think people do not care anymore, I SURE DO! I also love getting lost in old videos and watching an artist, band or musician evolve through the times. I decided to start this awesome “Youtube Evolution” series off with the birthday boy himself, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber started his career many years ago with no idea of being where he is today simply by posting himself on Youtube…anything is possible. If you haven’t seen the old footage of him singing his heart out…here you go:

Moving on to 2009…you know that time, when the Biebs kinda had his manly hood approach and had the voice change begin…oh to be young again HAHA!

This next video is a fun one because…he is singing one of Usher’s songs and if you didn’t know..Usher is the one who discovered him and helped him be where he is today…this one takes place in 2011. Crazy to think that was already 2 years ago…phew.

Last but certainly not least here is a video from the 2013 Boston Jingle Bell Concert…I feel like you ladies will enjoy this one, you’ll see why 😉

Well that’s all folks…Hope you enjoyed your video evolution adventures and keep an eye out for a lot more fun ones like this from me!


Who do you want to see a video evolution of next?!