Youtube Evolution Of: My Chemical Romance

Music Lovers,

Here we meet again on another Friday. I plan to make this Good Friday a GREAT Friday with another Youtube Evolution that I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE!

Today we will showcase the Youtube Evolution Of My Chemical Romance. I felt that with the heart breaking news of them breaking up, it was only necessary to showcase all of their amazingness together in one blog.

I know that you all have your own personal favorites and let me tell you, they have had MANY amazing videos, so I will try my best to give you what you want. Here goes nothing…ENJOY!

This one is an OLD one from 2002 in New Jersey.

GAH YES!! Here is one of my personal favorites, “Helena”! It is SOOO insane to think this came out in 2005..time fleww bye huh?

Teenagers scare the living…need I say more. 😉

So I am not sure why I never watched this but here is the director’s cut of their song “Sing”, you can’t go wrong with lazers!

2012- The year the world didn’t end…this is last but not least. I actually just got SO SAD watching this and having this post come to an end. This band is so amazing I don’t want them to be done…meh :'(

Goodbye MCR we will love you foreverrrr. What is YOUR favorite My Chemical Romance Memory?!