Youtube Evolution Of: All Time Low

I can’t believe a week has already FLOWN by since I did the Kellin Quinn evolution but…

Here it is folks, my 3rd Youtube Evolution and it’s on YOUR favorite band ALL TIME LOW!

This band has been around since 2003 and they have evolved drastically yet always remained the same boys who won you over in 2005! Here is a visual evolution of how far they have come! ENJOY!

Let’s take it back to about 2005 when the lovely boys of All Time Low were still teens, they rocked out to a song called “Circles”, swoop hair and all!

Oh hello 2007 aka my first Warped Tour where I got to do this interview with Jack and Alex aka “Jalex” I believe is what you call them haha!

Moving on to 2008 to the single everyone had on their Myspace, Ipods, ringtones etc..”Dear Maria, Count Me In”. It is acoustic so…swoon away.

This is a pretty freakin’ epic video from 2010…the crowd is huge and it is a great example of just how far they have come. Cheers to this boys. I present you with ‘Poppin’ Champagne’.

Here is a sweaty one…taking place during the Vans Warped Tour 2012..what do you think of the pink hair? Can we talk bout how huge the crowd is? Jesus.

Last but not least, speeding up to Jan, 2013: You get a front row view of the Winnipeg crowd as they help the guys sing ‘Therapy’. How fun!

SO…To all you hardcore Hustlers…

What do you think of this evolution? You proud of your boys or what?!