Why I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence And Kind Of HATE Anne Hathaway

I’ve recently figured out that to be a relevant Hollywood star you must be either LOVED or HATED. In the past few Oscar-mania months it appears that the planet has decided to throw all of their weight onto two ends of the scale: LOVE JENNIFER LAWRENCE and HATE ANNE HATHAWAY.

The pull of these opinions are hard to escape. As evidence mounts that J.Law is the coolest BFF you could ever want and Anne Hathaway is the most detestable drama try-hard you could ever have the displeasure to know, you start to wonder…what would I really think without the coverage?

When Jennifer Lawrence came on the scene in 2010, I didn’t think much of her besides that she was gorgeous and chose cool projects (Winters Bone, Like Crazy.) But once The Hunger Games hype started up, I think we all started to realize that this chick was super cool. Remember that time she asked Josh Hutcherson if his rash was doing okay?

I love her because she is so clearly a girl who grew up with brothers, is up for anything, admits when she’s STARVING, and despite her bangin’ body has some meat on her bones.

Speaking of meat on bones, guess who has none? Yep, Anne Hathaway. While J.Law seems like a chick you could go on a late night burger run with, Hathaway appears to only eat raw carrots.

Perhaps the exact moment that she lost her charm is when she admitted to only eating 2 pieces of dry oatmeal paste a day in preparation for her role in Les Mis. Yes I know she had to play a starving prostitute in 19th century France, but why is she continuing to carry the frame of poor Fantine? You can gain back that 20, gurl!

Annie (I’m gonna go ahead and call her Annie) used to represent for the large-chested ladies! She was gorgeous and had a figah (figure.) Now when I look at her I just want to encourage her to eat like any good Jewish mother would.

While Jennifer Lawrence was telling EVERYONE on the Oscars red carpet how hungry she was, Anne made a comment to Ryan Seacrest calling her success “the cherry on top of a wonderful, wonderful dish of vegan ice cream.” WOMP WOMP. No shade to vegans but like, c’mon.

I guess the part that makes me sad is that I used to really love her. When I found this video of her singing Sondheim on YouTube I was so impressed! I thought her portrayal of Catwoman was sassy and great! And I was totally cool with her being cast in Les Mis, as I had seen her perform with Hugh Jackman at the 2009 Academy Awards in what can only be described as my favorite thing of all time. Anne totally deserved that Oscar, btw.

Despite having just perpetuated the female VS. female catfight thing, I will say that I am happy to have both of these ladies. Anne above all else is a very classy woman who is walking fashion 99% of the time. Her gay-icon qualities and broadway voice make her A-OK in my book. Maybe I’ll eat Taco Bell and watch Honey Boo Boo with J.Law, then go to yogalates and talk showtunes with Annie the next day.

Message to readers: It may have come off like I was saying Anne is lame because she’s skinny and Jennifer is awesome because she loves food. It was more about how Jennifer seems comfortable in her own skin while Anne appears to be very aware for how she is being percieved and is trying to hang on to control of that image ie: stay stick thin/say the right thing. I loved the comment from “Goose Girl” who said “I think the reason why people love J Law and hate Anne is because we are all actually a lot like Anne, but we wish we were as cool as Jennifer.”

Do you guys have a love/hate relaysh with Anne too? Or do you think I’m awful and that she’s perfection?