Welcome Brandi Cyrus To The Buzznet Family

Hello Buzznet!

I am honored to be welcomed with such open arms into this fantastic community! My name is Brandi Cyrus, and I’m super excited to introduce myself to you guys and give you an inside look to my outrageously insane world.

I love music so much. I grew up in a world where music was a way of life, and I’m part of a family that in some facet or another, every single one of us has continued to live in that world. When I was little, ‘go to work with your parents for the day’ involved standing next to a giant blaring speaker and watching my Dad perform to thousands of people, and instead of partying my way through my college years like most kids I spent that time travelling the world with my mom and sister, making memories of once in a lifetime experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

literally the only family photo on my computer! haha

So that leads me to what my life looks like now. I split my time between Nashville (where I am deeply invested in some of the best friendships anyone could ask for) and L.A. A fraction of who I am is wrapped up into a music project I started several years ago with my friend Codi Caraco. We are called Frank + Derol, and we put a lot of love and light into our lyrics, melodies, and instruments to create songs that we hope refelect the same. We are signed to Interscope Records and have a self titled EP you can get on iTunes!

Even though music is a huge part of my life, it doesn’t make up the whole picture. I’m a big believer in keeping a certain balance between the whirlwind that life can feel like sometimes, and slowing down and doing things that really make me feel alive. I am OBSESSED with animals. Especially my dog Feather who I’m sure you’ll see many photos of if you follow my instagram. I’m also a huge advocate for homeless pets and adoption. Something that I’ve passionatley loved since I was 4 years old is riding horses. I show competitively on the ‘A’ hunter/jumper circuit, and even though I like to compete, for me it is purely for the joy and peace I get from being around horses. My animals are my family.

me and Samba Gracious @ Del Mar National / AO Hunter division

I look forward to sharing all of this with you and more! From music, fashion, and culture to friends, family, and just LIFE. I love to try new things and i’m always taking on new adventures and opportunities! I’m here to make friends and to find + share inspiration! XOXO B