Time For Plants

Whoop!!! Whoop!! The calendar said that we have Spring but is horrible winter!! Really I can’t believe. In my country is snow and so cold. Can’t wait when will be warm and the birds will sing lovely songs.

But in my room is spring. I have tomatoes seedlings. Right now are so young but in the second half of May I’ll plant these to the earth but earlier to flowerpots.

Red tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes

Tomorrow I’ll have crazy day with the plants. I’ll sow Ocimum to the flowerpot and I’ll plant begonias. I received these for free in the shop because are so a little and weak.

1st Aprils it last day when I’ll sow at home to flowepots!!!

It will be head lettuce syrena and cucumber. I have also some seeds of the herbs, pumpkin, kohlrabi and one flower which I found on the street!! Yes I’m so lucky. It helianthus cucumerifolius.

And for the end I want to show you my gloxinias 🙂 Love these flowers and I have these a few years