Thought Blog: Hi_____, Thanks For Showing Up Again

We all have that person who comes in and out of our lives like magic. They send you a text, email, tweet, a “Hey miss you”. They show up when you have almost forgotten about them and then remind yourself how you even became to know each other.

Do you even have the right to call them a friend, or is, I’m not sure were we stand a better term for them. Things are always left unsaid and you’re afraid to mention anything. This person could be a fling, an ex, a pal who you just met but really have feelings for, or an old buddy from college.

What are we suppose to say to these people? “It would be really cool if you would actually stick around for a little while” or ” Hey you, glad to see you still have that”.

Why are we so afraid to confront them? Is it because we feel that they might actually fade from our lives?

The words, “Sorry, I’ve been busy” are unexpectable. If we truly cared for each other, or were truly friends, making time to talk shouldnt be a rare occasion.

Here I’am to tell you, you’re gone like magic… again.