Taco Bell’s Cool Ranch Doritos LOCOS TACOS Have Arrived!

Today Taco Bell released the new Cool Ranch Doritos LOCOS TACOS – and we were in heaven.

Amy Scarlata (our clever entertainment writer, social media wiz kid and Taco Bell enthusiast) and I took the drive to our nearby TB to bring back 10 delicious tacos for all of Buzznet to share. Yeah we were kind of a hit when we came back.

Although Amy and I had already had these delicious tacos during our tip to the Taco Bell headquarters with The Summer Set (no big deal), we were thrilled to bite into these delicious, crunchy, zesty, savory and over all mind-blowing tacos — once again. The idea of combining Doritos with tacos seems like a no-brainer and they are power in your hands. Really, they make you feel like you’re holding the AllSpark, radiating streams of energy.

Amy enjoyed a few tacos with beans in lieu of meat, while I had a few classic beef supremes — all with the delectable Doritos Cool Ranch shell. The first bite for a newbie is an experience a Taco Bell and/or Doritos fan will never forget. The Cool Ranch shell adds a subtle tang to the perfectly seasoned Taco Bell meat. It really is a special taco.

Cheers to Taco Bell on a job well done.

And to refresh your memory of why Taco Bell rules – here is our follow up interview with The Summer Set after their day in the test kitchen!

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