Stars Who Had Miley’s Haircut First

When Miley Cyrus chopped off her hair and bleached it blonde, it was huge news. It certainly was a departure from the starlet’s old look. Recently Miley tweeted about how she started a trend with her new ‘do, saying “do u know how many bitches walking round with my hurrrr cut? if it was inspired by u be flattered!!!”

There is no denying that many girls probably went to their hairstylists holding Miley’s photo after her famous cut. In fact, stars like Lena Dunham and Elizabeth Moss have admitted to being inspired by Miss Cyrus’ daring new look.

However, Miley may be off base in suggesting that she set this trend. Check out some of the stars who went very short, and very blonde before Miley ever picked up those scissors and bleach.