Sunday Polyvore Mood Board

I have been playing catch since traveling for 6 weeks straight. Only have to go to Delaware and NYC twice this week. Not terrible. Trying to focus on the Crystal Cactus relaunch… sorry it is taking so long. I have 350 products on the store that sold out in 48 hours so im trying to relaunch it with about double that and it’s taking time as everything is hand made! Gold lace crowns, snake necklaces, tarot cards, crystal rings, bath detox salts, dagger pendants and more! Will be well worth the wait. I watched the entore first two episodes of Game Of Thrones in less then a week, Khalessi is the most amazinf character ever.

Im learning that you get NOTHING handed to you, nothing in life comes without it’s price. If something seems to good to be true it normally is. There is nothing pessimistic about this, just personal observations. There needs to be an energy exchange for something you don’t just get things handed to you, there is always something behind the scenes going on.

I just picked up a ton of fresh fruit, plants and water colors. Im spending my sunday night surrounded by nature and raw food painting in cream colored lace.

current obsessions: pineapples, soul mates, orcale readings, orange juice, detox baths, painting, ellie goulding, white candles, universal exchanges, breaking bad, lavender incense, cream roses