‘The Summer Prince’ Makes Its Way To Bookshelves This March!

Hit a reading slump? We have just the cure! The Summer Prince, an artsy novel from Brazil, is set to hit bookshelves and we at Buzznet can’t wait to get our hands on it! Author Alaya Dawn Johnson‘s novel takes place in a time where 400 years ago, the world ended and women ruled on what was once the coast of Brazil, a legendary pyramid city called Palmares Três. Only once every five years the Queen could cede her power to a man, who was known as the Summer King.

The story centers around June Costa, a brilliant teen artist with big dreams who doesn’t question them — that is, until she meets Enki, a fellow artist. The two fall in love tragically… because, like all Summer Kings who came before him, Enki is ill-fated to die.

The Summer Prince releases March 2013 from Scholastic.

Will you be reading The Summer Prince?