Still Into You: 5 Reasons Why I’m Anxious To Hear ‘Paramore’

News broke today that Paramore will be streaming their new self-titled album Monday — a week before the album’s official release. Cue all the happiest of happy dances I could ever do.

As a fan who pre-ordered the album the day it was announced, I have been anxiously awaiting this new record. From what I have read and the two singles they have already given us – I’m thrilled to have a new Paramore album to sing along with. I know there is an iTunes preview available, but I want to wait to hear the entire album from top to bottom the way Taylor York, Hayley Williams and Jeremy Davis intended.

To be more specific, here are 5 reasons why I am anxious to hear this new body of work.

1. Justin Meldal-Johnsen’s involvement.

JMJ produced this record and I am very eager to hear his influence on Paramore’s sound. In an interview with NYLON Hayley told the magazine JMJ was brought on board because, “We wanted to be out of our comfort zone. Justin was like, ‘this is your fourth album? You don’t really need to do anything. You just need to make sure you’re doing what’s right for you.’ ”

He is kind of a music genius.

2. The album is self-titled.

I know some people have been criticizing the band for having their 4th LP be self-titled but as a fan I am very intrigued by the decision. In an interview with our pals AbsolutePunk Hayley said, “We called the record what it is. It’s really us. I hope that says something important to our fans.”

Well it sure did! I am very interested to hear what Paramore sounds like in 2013.

3. Album track-listing.

The 17 track-listing is filled with names that make me want to get inside Hayley’s brain! I know she has always had a way with words and the new tracks are very intriguing. Titles like “Ain’t It Fun” and the interlude called “I’m Not Angry Anymore” are very interesting. I want to hear these songs!

4. Taylor York’s elevated involvement in writing process.

In the same interview with AbsolutePunk, Hayley shared that Taylor York has risen to the occasion of collaborating on this new album. She told the site, “Musically, I think the biggest growth has come from Taylor now being a primary songwriter for the band. You’ll hear his mad-scientist personality come out a lot on this album, where before he didn’t have quite the same opportunity.”

I. AM. PSYCHED to see what that handsome man has come up with.

5. It’s been three years and I miss them.

I guess my last reason is I just missed Paramore; it’s been three years since I had new record. I loved the Singles Club songs and always look forward to hearing what Hayley has to say about life, love, relationships – and even faith. I have been patient and I am ready. They have been through a lot over the past few years and their love for their music seems to have been reinvigorated in response to the “soap opera” — as Hayley so lovingly puts it.

Paramore’s showcase at SXSW was the happiest I had ever seen them on stage, and if this record is what brought them this close, I can’t wait to hear it.

I guess you could say, if there is a new Parmaore record, “I want it now!” #musicrules.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.