Stars Of The Host Spill To Fans At Special Celebuzz Screening!

Last night a select group of The Host fans saw an advance screening of the film presented by our friends at Celebuzz. Immediately following the movie, based on the novel by Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer, the stars of the film Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Diane Kruger, and Jake Abel made a special appearance to answer questions!

The quartet of stars were super charming and gracious while answering questions direct from fans. Saoirse, who rocked a super cute top knot, admitted her next choice of roles would have been to play rugged Uncle Jeb.

Jake Abel, who played Ian in the film, told fans although he initially auditioned for the part of Jared he was drawn to Ian’s character because he was looking to play a kind-hearted, more evolved person. (He’s played quite a few evil characters in past films!)

When asked what scenes from the book he wished were in the movie, in true Brit fashion Max Irons admitted he would have liked to film the soccer scene.

The always gorgeous Diane Kruger told fans she was excited to play a villain and be a part of a young, fresh story!

All in all it was an amazing night! After the Q&A there was a special VIP party where drinks and food were served. Even some of our very own Buzzmakers Dani Vitale, Lola Blanc, and HannaBeth joined in the fun!

The Host hits theaters March 29th. Don’t miss it!