Stars Of The Host Prepare For Inevitable Fame

Sitting down with the cast of The Host, immediately brings on the fan in anyone. Max Irons and Jake Abel are easily as cute as any leading man these days, it’s hard not to swoon around them. Saoirse Ronan is without a doubt the coolest teenager around and immediately makes you want to be her best friend. Diane Kruger is an absolute goddess and is so gorgeous it’s not fair. However, the stars of the movie that is sure to catapult them into superstardom really couldn’t care less about all the hype around their imminent fame. Of course, this just makes them even more likeable!

If The Host follows in the foosteps of writer Stephenie Meyers‘ other series (a little franchise called Twilight, you may have heard of), the two male stars are set for heartthrobdom. Max, 27 and Jake, 25, are well aware of this possibility, and it sounds like they’re fully prepared.

Jake isn’t new to the acting game. He says he’s weary of hype surrounding movies because he’s heard it all before with his movie Percy Jackson. He spoke highly of his costars, saying he Saoirse and Max were all friends, and expressing his admiration for William Hurt.

Max Irons is on his way to being the reluctant hunk. His charming English accent could have any girl blushing, and his candor is refreshing for a young actor. He expressed his concern for the phenomenon of young, ultra-famous actors like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles thought he’s not exactly dreading having a female fan base. He openly talked about the downsides of fame, like being chased by paparazzi and having public meltdowns, but admitted he wouldn’t be mad about being followed by French girls (his words, not ours). He cited his actor parents as the reason he’s sure he’ll stay grounded no matter what. Plus, he confessed to enjoying the occasional bubble bath. Hello dream man…

It is lucky Saoirse, 18, who gets to kiss both actors in the film and she outted Max of being less than kiss-ready at ttimes. Saoirse drank tea, ate gummy candy and seamed totally at ease as she dished about her costars bad habits. Is she worried about comparisons to other franchises like The Host? She certainly didn’t seem it. This girl has been in major movies with some big-name actors like Matt Damon and Eric Bana, she takes her work seriously and doesn’t seemed fazed by the Hollywood scene. She didn’t flinch when talking about her kissing scenes with costars Max and Jake. In fact, she admits she kicked her dad off set when she had to act in a love scene. This cool girl is not messing around.

Diane Kruger, 36, played the woman that started the Trojan War in Troy, and it’s not surprise as to why. This woman is so gorgeous. She declared sun screen as her most important beauty item, and her gorgeous skin has us slathering on our SPF. This German beauty looks like every bit the movie star, but as she told stories about hanging out at her hotel bar with Willam Hurt, she seemed so down-to-earth. Plus, she was more than happy to rep her costars, Max and Jake, and dish on their workout routine.

The producers and writer spoke so highly of the cast and it’s clear that the movie wouldn’t be what it is without them. If they’re destined for superstardom, there isn’t a more prepared cast, or a better group of people to be thrust into the spotlight.

Check out The Host when it hits theatres on March 29th.