Is Selena Over Exposed?

Hey remember when we had no idea who Selena Gomez was? Crazy right? Now she’s the hottest star in young Hollywood and in less than two weeks the 20-year-old triple threat will be dropping her new single “Come & Get It.”

I totally support Selena’s success, but I’m getting the feeling people are tired of seeing her on every late night show, magazine cover and displaying the kind of ex-bf bashing you normally see from her bestie Taylor Swift.

A day doesn’t go by where we don’t hear news about her latest hangnail or trip to a thrift store, but when does the stalkerazzi and constant coverage of one celebrity get to be too much?

Selena’s new album and the slew of movies she’s filmed set for release are going to keep her star burning bright for months to come. Question is: Will you be sick of seeing her mug everywhere you turn or are you a super “Selenator” for life?

Do You Think Selena Is Over Exposed In The Spotlight?