Atheist Pride Day: Celebrites I’ll Be In Hell With

I am a pretty bad atheist. I barely found out about Atheist Pride Day like a week ago and I’m not even sure if this is the actual day we are supposed to celebrate this because there are a few Atheist Pride Day events out there in the cyberland. Anyway, today is the day that I have decided to share with you some famuz ppl that are all not into the Sky Bully (thanks Joss Whedon), so there.

Prior to looking into the who’s who of Atheists, I thought this gallery was going to be full of people like Richard Dawkins and Niels Bohr because I was oblivious to the other Atheists out there in the world. I told you I was a bad Atheist. Maybe lazy is more like it.

Please enjoy my cobbled together list of what is probably going to be the best party in the nethers of the earth when Judgement Day is over with.