Question Of The Day: Your Personal ‘Golden Rule’

So today pretty much looks like this:

Go home weather, you’re drunk

It’s a little more grey than I would prefer for my spring time party but whatever, maybe the sun will come out in a little bit. It’s already breaking through the clouds and stuff, so we can only hope.

I’m also really tired today, but that isn’t anything new. I am always tired. Mostly yesterday I was trying on tuxedos and having mimosas at like, 10 a.m, so that’s part of why I am tired. Drinking takes a lot of energy, especially when you are older. I still feel like taking a nap.

Party hard

Anymews, enough of my boring stuff. Let’s talk about how today twitter is all about how people at CNN are awful humans. I don’t understand how that can even happen. Doesn’t anyone say “you know, maybe we shouldn’t be terdholes when reporting the news..” or what? Like what actually happens? IDEK.

Here’s a link to some stuff: CNN Labeled Rape Apologist After Stubenville Comments

I guess I just wish that people could just be nice to everyone, but I know that isn’t how things go all the time. I try to be nice to everyone because I like when people are nice to me. Being nice means that I even pay attention to the words that I say when I talk about certain things. It’s called being considerate and being an adult.

Sure, I may not like some people here and there but I am not a bunghole about it. I just won’t really talk to whomever it is that I don’t like and not really worry about it. I suppose that is my version of the Golden Rule.

Let us talk about your Golden Rule today. Let’s talk about the one thing that you do in your life when it comes to how you deal with people. Do you leave people alone so that they leave you alone? Are you nice to others so that they are nice to you? Tell me stuff. GO!

What is your Golden Rule?