Question Of The Day: Can You Name Something That Hasn’t Changed?

I am trying to think of things in my life that haven’t changed and I can’t come up with anything. It doesn’t help that I am a fickle man-beast and that I tire of things quickly. I think I have periods in my life where I continously do the same thing but when I look back on stuff like that, those times are just tweaks on earlier things I was doing. I feel like I am always refining my tastes.

I can’t help that I am I like changing. I think that’s what I do as a person. I can’t imagine staying the same because I tend to get bored with a lot of things and fairly quickly. I do, however, feel that this tends to make me unstable, sort of, and I am getting to the point in my life where I just need settle down and take root. To grow into what, I am not exactly sure. We’ll see.

So. Are there things in your life that haven’t changed? Have you frequented the same store for a vast amount of years? What are your thoughts on change? Do you embrace or do you run from it? Tell me about you and change. Remember, nothing is forever, not even Nuclear Power plants:

Can you name something that HASN’T changed?