Question Of The Day: What Do You Hate Doing At Work/School?

Since I am pretty much in zombeh mode today, I have decided to ask you something that we have asked you probably a million times before. I saw this here hash tag on the Twitter and I thought it would make me relevant so this is your QOTD. Yay! I’m lazy!


I don’t know if all of you know but I am a server at a restaurant sometimes at night. Mostly I do that because I get free food and I buy beer with my tip money because that’s just how I roll. I also feel like I haven’t really vented yet about being a server much. Oh and I also recently started to cook stuff (line cook stuff/prep). Holy hell, making food is just about as annoying as serving it to them.

Anyway, here are some things that I hate doing as a server:

  • Extra sauces: No, you may not have any extra sauces. When you are done with the ones on your table, you can ask me for some more. People waste so much stuff. If I see another half used container of ranch dressing next to a full one, I’m going to scream. I usually just tell people flag me down when they are done with their ranch or w/e and I’ll bring them more. Oh guess what, no one has ever asked for more, even when I’ve asked if they were okay.

Bon Qui Qui: Patron Saint of Servers

  • Lemons: No one ever wants to bring you lemon wedges for your water. You’re going to be “that table as soon as you ask for lemon wedges. All water tastes gross, so just deal with it. That’s why there’s soda. You get a coke.
  • Complicated Orders: There is a menu for a reason. Don’t go getting crazy and asking to omit this and add that. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked for a chopped salad but wanted only tomato, cucumber, carrots, and onions + cheese. That is a damn house salad. If you want to pay 9 dollars for a house salad, be my guest but I’m going to look at you like your the dim bulb on the string. And it gets worse. People try to come up with all kinds of concoctions and I usually stop them and say “That is not on the menu!” Do not get loud with me!
  • Splitting the Check: This is probably the worst thing, ever. If you are going to do this mess, tell your server BEFORE they take your order. If you wait until they bring you the check, you deserve hellfire. I know you think it’s easy to split a check up but it isn’t. I am not trying to redo an check and try to remember who ordered what because no. When people do this, I hand them the pen and tell them to write the last 4 of their check cards with the amount they want to be charged. Also, people that split checks tend to tip super shitty. Like way worse than normal. Go home.

Being a server isn’t really that bad. Most of the time it’s fun and most people are cool but then you get some people that come in and want to tell you about things you should add to the menu or a whole bunch of other crap that you could care less about. Does my shirt say “suggestion box” on it?

Also, thanks to yelp, people would rather review the food their then tell you if anything is wrong with it when you ask them. Trust me, I ask. I know food can be hit or miss and I am more than happy to take something back and have it made better or swap you out something. I have done that before but most of the time, people just stare at their plate and say nothing when you ask them if they are okay and then write a yelp review that’s all “I WANTED to like the food, I really did, but….” You need to stop.

Anyway, now it’s your turn. I know some of you don’t have jobs because you are in the school times, so you can talk about school. If you have a job, awesome. TALK ABOUT BOTH. Or just pick one. Whatevs.

What do you hate doing at work/school?

This QOTD was brought to you by your sassy waiter, Rich. *No lemons in 2013*